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    Yiwu Food ^^and^^ Restaurants
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    Up Time:2012-2-22
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    The most delicious local food are Yiwu top ten dishes, including Yiwu Fotang plain sliced lamb, Shangxi beef offal, Shenxian chicken (Wine steamed chicken), Dongtang do meat, steamed vegetarian stuffed bun, Donghe meat pie, Yiwu h^^and^^made noodle, buckwheat cake, Yiwu festive snacks (including Wudian steamed bread, rice dumplings, ^^and^^ Yiwu brown sugar.

    In addition, other local dining like stretched noodle, Fotang biscuits, Suxi sesame cake, Zhalin bean paste cake, Huihui cake are very familiar snacks to local residents.

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