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what’s your working process and charges?

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what’s your working process and charges?

our working process is as follows, you can have a look for refference:
 1. After you arrive China, we will have a meeting to discuss all the cooperate details
2. After we reach the agreement. We will arrange one of my staff to help you. Translate and guide you on the market. and help you to buying from the market
3. Once you finished all the order. We will calculate all orders and send you the Proforma Invoice. and you can transfer deposit to us via T.T
4. We will arrange the deposit to different suppliers. follow up the orders.
5. When the goods got ready. You arrange the rest payment to us. We  Pick up the goods. Inspection the goods. consolidate the shipment
6. Documents prepare. and send you the original BL. Invoice. Packing list etc.

We usually charge 3% commission, the minimum total order amount is 10,000 USD. That’s to say we will charge 300 USD commission fee at lest.
5. how much does it cost for a full container approximately?
It’s about 10,000 USD for a 20’ container, 30,000 USD for 40’ container. That’s a rough cost, different items in the container, different order value.
6. how long does it take to be ready for the container?
That depends on, different item need different production time, which will cause different delivery time. Mostly the container can be ready in 20 days.

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