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Yiwu Main Market

1. Futian market

2. BinWang Market

3. Cosmetic Market
4. Knitting Market

5. HuangYuan Market

6. Furniture Market
China Yiwu Binwang Market:

China commodity city BinWang market was set up in NOV.29.1995.It is one of the three mainly important markets.It is stand in NO.158 Binwang
Road,yiwu.next to the old train station.It is occupy 209 unit of areas.and the construction areas is320,000 steres.and the Below is the different 5 districts:

BinWang A district:the ground floor is trading for habiliment.mainly deal with habiliment wholesale and retail.the second upfloor is knitting and bedding.
BinWang B district :the ground floor is trading for habilimentmainly deal with childrens’ suit,and trousers wholesaling and retailing.the secod upfloor is bedding trade district.
BinWang C district:the ground foolr is trading for grocery,the second upfloor is towel trading district.
BinWang D district: the ground foolr is trading for grocery,the second upfloor is necktie trading district.
BinWang E district:this market is for textile trading
Binwang market,Garments market,Towel market,Necktie market,food and beverage

1.Garments market,about 1000 booths
2.Towel market,about 200 booths
3.Necktie market,about 200 booths
4.Bedding market,about 300 booths
5. food and beverage, about 300 booths

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